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Known around the world as a haven that embraces new investors, The United Arab Emirates and Dubai, in particular, has swiftly developed into one of the most important centers of International Trade and Finance. With a cosmopolitan culture, stable politics, and rapidly flourishing economy, it is the favored destination for Entrepreneurs and Professionals who were looking for new business setup, partnerships and booming prospects.

Strategically located between the East and the West, the Country is well establishedas a logistics hub and a passage to the Middle and Far East markets for offshore companies.

Equipped with the most reputed talent in the country, Right Corporate Services is a one stop solution for all your business setup requirements across the UAE. We have a dynamic team of goal-oriented consultants who have developed a specialized local expertise in a wide range of business sectors.

Even if you are considering about the cost of setting up branch office in dubai then you don’t need to worry, we work in such way that it won’t cost you much.

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Setting up a Branch or Representative Office in UAE 

A branch office in Dubai is an extension of a foreign parent company that is located outside of United Arab Emirates. As a full-fledged business, it can enter into contracts or perform business activities as specified in its license. A branch office doesn’t have a separate entity and distinctly represents its parent company and carries out business under its name.

The purpose of setting up a branch of a foreign company in Dubai is solely to promote and market the products of the parent company, undergo business transactions, forge its agreements with other businesses under the name of the parent company and offers services to its customers.

Difference between Branch and Representative Office in Dubai

Representative offices are often confused with branch offices. However, there is a key difference that sets them apart i.e. business activity. A branch office in Dubai is free to exercise the activities for which it owns the license and earn profits, but a representative office in Dubai cannot and is required to outsource all its work back to its parent company. The role of the representative office is limited only to promote products and services of the parent company and is not permitted to conduct business in Dubai.

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We have gained extensive experience from long term, strong ties with the local authorities and business community that enables us to offer you comprehensive and customized assistance for entrepreneurial activities. We take care of the entire process of establishing professional firms for our clients. It incorporates strategic inputs including organizing a business plan

  • Getting approvals and clearances from various departments
  • Finding local service agent
  • Drafting of the Local service agent agreement
  • Helping to open bank accounts
  • Assisting to find a proper office location
  • Handle other documentation formalities.