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The United Arab Emirates is a remarkable business destination offering diverse growth opportunities. However, it is not essential that all the businesses would flourish in the market. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way business owners thought and the business fails to prevail in the market. If the business is no longer generating profits and is unable to repay the lenders, it becomes mandatory to dissolve the company in accordance with the laws of the land.

Through the Liquidation process, a company’s existence is brought to an end. A company is bound to undergo liquidation when the legal entity is under-performing and the shareholders are not keen to continue the business.

Company Liquidation in UAE

Company Liquidation in Dubai is an extensive process which necessitates a professional approach and expertise. Only a firm that has the complete understanding of the current regulations can assist in meeting the company liquidation requirements. At Right Corporate Services we have the expertise and experience in providing highly efficient liquidation services to Limited Liability Companies, the branch of local/ foreign companies, Free Zone Companies & Offshore Companies.

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Our Services for Company Liquidation Includes:

  1. Preparing the shareholder resolution to liquidate the company
  2. Legalization of the liquidation documents
  3. Preparing Power of Attorney
  4. Appointing the Liquidator
  5. Obtaining the Liquidation report
  6. Applying Newspaper ad in 2 Local newspapers
  7. Cancellation of Establishment Card
  8. Cancellation of Labor Card
  9. Cancellation of all existing visa’s
  10. Obtaining clearances from the relevant government departments.
  11. Obtaining the final liquidation certificate

Why Outsource Company Liquidation Services to Right Corporate Services?

  1. Expertise & Experience: As a leading business advisory firm, we specialize in delivering International Business Solutions and a wide range of comprehensive corporate services to our clients.
  2. Collection & Delivery Service: – We make document processing completely hassle free because we pick up documents from your door step and deliver it to you right after clearing from the government offices.
  3. Dedicated Consultant: – We offer you a centralized point of contact for all services.
  4. Time Saver: – We enable you to devote your time to more important matters and process the liquidation right from submitting the liquidation form to obtaining the final Company Liquidation certificate.

Offering you the Right Assistance at the Right Time

At Right Corporate Services we believe that every client deserves an opportunity to consult with our professionals without worrying about costs. And it is precisely because of this that we take time to hear you out and advise you on the steps to be taken.

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